YVSC answers numerous phone calls and emails daily from residents wanting to know where to recycle materials like electronics, printer cartridges, batteries and lightbulbs. These items are referred to as hard-to-recycle (HTR) materials in the world of waste.

YVSC typically has at least one, and sometimes two, recycle drop-off events in the spring and the fall that support recycling HTR items. But this year, due to access issues caused by construction at our usual event locations, YVSC had to cancel the spring recycling event. We are tentatively planning an event on October 16th but are working on a more permanent solution for these materials in the interim.

We are currently making plans for a year-round drop-off recycling service so that residents will always have an outlet for their materials. Having to hold onto recyclable materials for several months can be problematic. For instance, we’ve heard from several people this summer who were in the middle of a move and needed an immediate recycling solution. For this reason, we’re excited to eventually offer a year-round service, in lieu of once and twice-yearly events.

Keep checking our YVSC website and subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about this service as it becomes available in the next month, or so. And if you’re interested, we’re looking to hire a part-time employee to run this facility and help with zero waste events. This job will be posted on our website as well and in the newsletter.

YVSC is listening and understands that residents need a reliable outlet for hard-to-recycle materials. We are on it – so please stay tuned!