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At YVSC, we define and address the pressing sustainability issues of our time through our programs, partnerships and education.

As a nonprofit organization, your private donations and sponsorships of YVSC are vital to the impact and growth of our programs, partnerships and educational outreach initiatives.

Your support enables us to continue building momentum and take action essential to success and action in our Priority Areas: Waste Diversion, Energy, Transportation, Resilient Land and Water and Community Engagement. As a resourceful, science-based and action-oriented organization we put your support to work where it is impactful, meaningful and lasting. Make change through us and enable us to do the work we do for you.

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Insight Cards

We have two different packs of five blank greeting cards. The artwork for these cards was created by artists who participated in YVSC’s inaugural Insight: Art for Climate Action fundraiser. We believe that art is a powerful way to educate around climate science and communicate sustainability efforts to a wider community. Art enables us to combine intricate scientific topics with beauty and emotion, allowing us to connect with our own hummanness. We at YVSC value art as an important means of communicating science and inspiring action, and Insight was built with those intentions in mind.

Corporate Support

YVSC is proud to partner with leading companies and corporations in our mission to create sustainability action throughout the Yampa Valley. Our corporate partners span industries and geographies and are united in their shared commitment to support actions and behaviors that foster resilience and a just, equitable and sustainable future.

Tribute Gift

Make a donation in honor or memory and make a lasting contribution to the environment and the future of the Yampa Valley. Tribute Gifts support YVSC reforestation and youth integration into conservation activities. With a gift of $50 or more, we will send a card to the person or family in whose name the donation was made along with a description of the reforestation and conservation efforts that are enabled through their support.

Invest in our Endowment

Put stock in a sustainable Yampa Valley by donating appreciated securities to Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s Endowment Fund. Created in 2016, our Endowment Fund provides individuals and families with the opportunity to invest in the sustainability of this region we cherish along with other portfolio options. Transferring stocks or other assets to our Endowment provides YVSC with long-term financial stability as the original gift continues to appreciate AND added capacity to deliver on our mission each year. When you donate appreciated securities, you are able to deduct the gift as a charitable donation and avoid capital gains tax at transfer. Learn more by reaching out to Michelle Stewart, Executive Director, at

Join our Legacy Society

Create your legacy of climate action and sustainability in the Yampa Valley. Planned gifts enable donors to make meaningful contributions to the future of the Yampa Valley in a way that complements their financial goals, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of YVSC and its programs. Individuals who have made a planned gift to YVSC are welcomed to our YVSC Legacy Society. Reach out to Executive Director, Michelle Stewart at to learn more.

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City Market Value Card

Support YVSC every time you shop at City Market when you enroll your value card.

Thank you for building our sustainable Yampa Valley with us.