Gardens and Landscapes

Is your yard sustaining water? Outdoor water usage accounts for 30% of water usage in the City of Steamboat Springs and Mount Werner Water & Sanitation District, which makes improving water conservation within our landscapes an important strategy for reducing water use.

Are you taking water conservation measures in your own yard or garden? If you are taking any of the below actions, we want to know! Send a picture of your yard or garden to, and receive a free Sustaining Water yard sign to help inspire your neighbors to do the same!
  • Using a rain barrel

  • Planting native or drought-tolerant species

  • Mulching

  • Improving irrigation efficiency

  • Letting grass go dormant (brown)

  • Applying xeriscape design

  • Adhere to the watering schedule

  • Replacing or reducing lawn

  • Building a rain garden

Get Your Sign!

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See how your neighbors are Sustaining Water in their own landscapes >

Learn how to Yampascape your own yard

Visit local Yampascapes, learn about native/drought-tolerant plants, & incorporate water conservation practices.

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