Electric Vehicle Ambassadors

Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) Electric Vehicle (EV) Ambassadors are people who believe in a sustainable community and are enthusiastic about electrifying the vehicles that take them on their journeys. They see the advantages of electric vehicles and are the kind of people that can’t stop talking about EVs and how they will change the transportation game forever.

We are searching out early adopters, trailblazers, innovators and everything in-between who want to share their EV passion on the local and regional stage, to support YVSC’s EV education and promotion efforts. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

  • Passion. We want our EV ambassadors to let everyone around them know why EV’s are a sustainable transportation solution.
  • Willingness to share. We want our community to see what it’s like to have an EV in all conditions and to see the benefits of owning one, while also having a resource to look for answers to some of their most frequently asked questions. We want our EV ambassadors to share content with us in the form of videos, photos, blogs or social media posts to help us create this resource for our community. We also need volunteers for EV events including ride and drives, show and shines, and more!
  • Professionalism. As an Ambassador, you will be representing YVSC, promoting EV products and encouraging others to purchase EVs.
  • Respect and inclusivity. We provide educational information to all who have an interest and our ambassadors are expected to do the same.
  • Have a direct role in developing YVSC’s EV education, promotion and related events.
  • Networking with like-minded EV enthusiasts.
  • Having a local impact on sustainability.