Commercial & Residential Energy Assessments

Through its relationship with Energy Smart Colorado, YVSC supports comprehensive Energy Assessments that include home analyses that recognize comfort concerns, blower-door testing with infrared camera to detect insulation voids and air leaks, and Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing to identify potential for carbon monoxide and other hazards related to combustion heating systems.

Energy Assessments include:

  • Collection of previous 12 months of energy consumption and baseline analysis
  • Visual inspection of building envelope features (windows, doors, insulation, ducts) and exterior wall observations
  • Description of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, characteristics and ages
  • Description of appliance and lighting characteristics
    Identification of comfort complaints
  • Identification of visible moisture issues
  • Identification of visible health and safety issues
  • Physical inspection of attic areas and crawlspace or basement when accessible
  • Utilization of sensor to check gas appliances for gas leaks.
    • All accessible gas lines should be checked for leaks as per BPI standards
  • Use of thermal scans to highlight air infiltration around electric gaskets, entry doors, top plates, can lights, fireplaces and/or windows, and other air leakage locations
  • Compliance with ANSI BPI-1200-s-2017 Standard Practice Basic Analysis of Buildings standards for completing an energy audit, including diagnostic testing, infrared imaging, blower door testing, duct leakage testing, and other envelope-related procedures such as physical inspection of insulation and crawlspaces. Diagnostic testing including full infrared imaging, blower door testing and Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing.
  • Compliance with ANSI BPI-1200-s-2017 Standard Practice Basic Analysis of Buildings standards for Combustion Appliance Zone testing including worst case draft test, flue gas analysis (when possible), gas leak detection, flue pipe inspection, and so on.
  • Use of a computer program or other means of numerical analysis to determine and provide energy savings recommendations for the home that have an acceptable savings-to-investment ratio.

Direct Installs

Up to 10 LED bulbs will be offered to YVEA customers.

Assessment Report

Analysts provide the building owners with a completed assessment report within 30 days of the assessment assignment date. These assessment reports include recommendations for energy efficiency improvements and potential contractors who can perform the efficiency improvements.



Using grant funds and rebate opportunities, YVSC works to ensure that energy assessments are as affordable as possible to building owners throughout Routt and Moffat Counties.

Residential Energy Assessments

For homes less than 3,000 square feet of conditioned area, the total cost is $500 paid to YVSC before scheduling an assessment. There are ways to bring this already-reduced price down:

YVEA $250 account credit

This is available as a bill credit. You must apply after your assessment is completed through YVEA’s website to redeem this credit.

Town of Oak Creek

The Town of Oak Creek provides funding to reduce residents’ assessment cost by half. If you are a resident of Oak Creek, a $250 discount will be applied to your assessment, making the cost just $250 total.

Large homes: 3,000 sq ft or more

Because larger homes take longer to assess, they cost more:

*If a home is larger than 3,000 square feet of conditioned area, the Analyst may directly charge the building owner up to $0.10/sq. ft. for the additional conditioned space (up to 6,000 sq. ft.)

** If a home is larger than 6,000 square feet of conditioned area, the Analyst may directly charge the building owner up to $0.10/sq. ft. for the conditioned space that exceeds 6,000 sq. ft.

Commercial Energy Assessment

Thanks to a new opportunity for funding from the USDA Grant, Energy Assessments are available to Commercial building owners. The total cost is dependent on the size of the building. Assessments are $375 for businesses 0-10,000 sf. Assessments are $625 for businesses 10,001-20,000 sf. Assessments are $875 for businesses 20,001-40,000. Assessments are $1,250 for businesses 40,001+ sf. Payment will be made to Energy Smart Colorado before your assessment is scheduled.

Meet the Building Analysts

YVSC enters into Work Agreements with local Building Analysts who are qualified and prepared to perform these assessments for our community. Analysts are certified as BPI – Building Analyst (BA), or RESNet Energy Rater with BPI Building Analysis supplemental training. Our local Analysts get great reviews and are leaders in our community’s efforts to increase energy efficiency.



Thank you to our partners