April 1, 2024
Kate Brocato | Communications and Program Manager

This year, to mark the 54th anniversary of Earth Day, YVSC has once again teamed up with local artist Jill Bergman to create the beautiful design pictured here that celebrates Earth Day every day! The history of Earth Day is important to recognize for the ways in which it spurred the modern day environmental movement and contributed to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and some of the most pivotal environmental policies of the time, like the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Superfund, and more. However, in 2024, to achieve the emissions reduction goals that we need in order to mitigate the most detrimental effects of climate change, we need to make the care of and protection of our planet a priority every day and throughout every consequential decision that our government leaders, corporations, businesses, and we as individuals are making. That’s why our message this year is to celebrate Earth Day every day! Together, let’s have the tough conversations to keep climate top of mind, write to our government officials to express the need for climate action, volunteer with organizations that are helping protect and restore the Yampa Valley, and take little steps to reduce our personal environmental impact.

On Wednesday, April 10, you can celebrate with YVSC during a special live t-shirt printing event in partnership with Ohana. From 4-7 p.m. at Mountain Tap, Ohana will be firing up their live press to print Jill’s design on your t-shirt of choice. With every t-shirt purchase, Ohana will be donating $10 to YVSC to support our programming.

If you can’t make it to the event, YVSC will have extra t-shirts available for purchase at the YVSC office in addition to 12×12 prints and stickers with the same design. During the month of April, you can also find these prints and stickers at supporting business locations Paws n’ Claws, Boomerang, Off the Beaten Path, Deja Vu, and Emerald, or visit the link here to purchase directly from YVSC.