Yampa Valley Recycles Depot

A convenient, year-round outlet for hard-to-recycle materials.

Yampa Valley Recycles Depot provides an outlet for hard-to-recycle items.

These items often contain materials that are banned from landfills because they leach toxic contaminants, spark fires, or otherwise create nuisance conditions. Hard-to-recycle items, such as electronics, batteries, and light bulbs, are typically disassembled and sorted into various components for recycling. Recycling these materials achieves two goals: it helps to protect public health and the environment by keeping them out of landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reusing in lieu of mining and harvesting virgin materials. We are not accepting mattresses at this time.

Traditionally Yampa Valley Sustainability Council has offered bi-annual drop-off events for hard-to-recycle materials. These events have been highly successful, diverting more than 65 tons of materials in 2019. Building on that success, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council in partnership with Routt County and the City of Steamboat Springs, is making hard-to-recycle diversion convenient and sustainable by offering a year-round drop-off location for these items.

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Light Bulbs:
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2851 Riverside Plz, Unit 250A
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


Wednesday & Friday
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Closed on federal holidays.




“So glad to have the ability to have this service available to our business and home.”

“Nice to be able to drop small amounts and not have to wait in the endless lines”

“This is SO wonderful to have the hard to recycle facility in our community!”

“So glad this is a regular thing”

“Thank you for all you do for our community and for smiling during the rain!”

“Great friendly and helpful service”

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What’s Accepted/Fees:

Item Price
Electronics $1.50/lb
4′ Fluorescent lamps $1.25 each
8′ Fluorescent lamps $2.50 each
U Tube/Circline Fluorescent $2.20 each
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) $1.25 each
2′ and Under Fluorescent Lamps $2.20 each
HID Lamps (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium) $3.50 each
Large CFLs (i.e. 125W Screw Base) $5.00 each
Incandescent/ Halogen Lamps $0.75 each
Scattershield/Shielded Fluorescent lamps $3.50 each
UV Lamps $10.00 each
Printer Cartridges $1.00/lb
LED Lamp $1.25 each
Alkaline Batteries $2.00/lb
Lithium Ion Batteries $3.00/lb
Lead Acid Batteries $2.00/lb
NiCad Batteries $2.00/lb
Mercury Containing Devices (thermostats, thermometers) $10.00 each
CO/Smoke Detector $6.00 each
Ballasts $1.00/lb
VHS Tapes $3.00/lb


Can I drop off my regular recycling at the Depot?

-No, at this time we are not taking any curbside recycling items.

Where is the Depot located?

-2851 Riverside Plz, Unit 250. Please do not bring your items to YVSC’s office.

What is considered “electronic”?

-Anything with a cord that plugs into the wall or runs on battery power is considered electronic in terms of items that we accept. We cannot accept large appliances (refrigerators or ovens) or TVs with broken screens.

Can I bring a laptop battery that is expanded?

-Yes, we accept all expanded and corroded batteries; lithium ion, NiCad, rechargeable, alkaline, 9V, and lead acid batteries (prices vary).

Can I bring a broken light bulb?

-Yes, we will accept broken light bulbs, just keep them separate from your intact light bulbs.

What if the item I’m dropping off still works?

-We still have to charge for it like any other item because we are only recycling materials, not upcycling them. You are encouraged to take functioning items to Lift Up or try using Facebook Marketplace to find new homes for items in working order before bringing them to us for recycling.

Some pricing seems expensive, why is that?

-YVSC is covering costs for the recycling services, the transportation to and from the front range where these companies are located, and our rental fees for the facility itself. We are hoping to be able to adjust prices in the future and offer more services, but it is a process that will progress step-by-step with your help and patience.

Do you offer discounted rates for low-income families?

-Yes, we offer cost coverage based on the honor system for folks that bring materials to the Depot and may have difficulty affording the fees. This fund is supplemented by donations brought in through the Depot.

Can I drop off items even if the Depot is not open?

-NO, please do not dump materials at the Depot at any time outside of our hours! This area is under video surveillance. Our hours correspond with Lift Up in the hope that this will provide additional convenience for folks getting rid of household items.

Do you accept credit card payments?

-Yes, we accept all credit cards, checks or cash. Those paying with a card will incur a 2.6% credit card handling fee.

Are there volunteer opportunities with the Depot?

-Yes, we are happy to have volunteers come help with the Depot! Just email conner@yvsc.org to schedule a shift.