DECEMBER 15, 2016 BY 

By Suzie Romig, YVSC Energy Outreach Coordinator

If you order online this holiday season, be sure to watch for a button to “uncheck” so that you won’t be listed on a lifetime mailing list just for ordering that gift from the one-time-only-shopping-company for cousin Bob.

If you do end up on unwanted mailing lists, here is a quick way to remove your address off of junk mail lists for catalogs, magazines and other mail offers. Log on to Click on the “Get Started” button on the upper right. After you input your mailing information, you will receive a confirmation email that you need to use to set your opt-out preferences.

Stopping unwanted mail saves the energy of producing and shipping something you never wanted in the first place. This can help with reducing junk mail at business addresses too.

DMAchoice is an online tool developed by the Data & Marketing Association to help you manage your mail. The site is part of a larger program designed to respond to consumers’ concerns over the amount of mail they receive, and it is the evolution of the DMA’s Mail Preference Service created in 1971.

Happy GREENER Holidays!