YVSC alongside the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment are working together to help educate all Coloradians and Routt County Residents on how to Erase the Waste.  

Every month YVSC will focus on a core waste reduction area by communicating and outlining easy steps everyone can take to improve waste reduction at home and in the office. Follow along with this blog post to see all of our helpful tips in one place.

Tip #1: Glass Recycling in Colorado

Colorado is unique in that the state has a closed-loop recycling system for glass. That means we can collect, process, and transform glass into a new product right here in our state. Keeping the entire process local benefits the environment and Coloradians by eliminating emissions from transportation and adding jobs to our economy. When recycling glass, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Learn what glass is recyclable in your curbside bin and what should be left out. 
    • Recyclable: Soda, beer,  wine, and other drink bottles; pickle, jelly, sauce, and or baby food jars. Clear, blue, green, and brown bottles are all recyclable.
    • Recyclable only through special programs: Windows, ovenware, lightbulbs, Pyrex, and crystal.  
    • Not sure? Grab your phone, go online, and check. 
  • Make sure to rinse everything and clean out any food or drink residue.  One unrinsed bottle can contaminate the entire bin.
  • Go big with glass.  Glass containers are 100% recyclable, meaning that used glass can be recycled over and over, FOREVER. 

Making sure your used glass lives on in useful ways, rather than getting dumped in a landfill, saves natural resources and energy. Your choice also powers local businesses that take your used glass and turn it into new products — like food containers, bottles, and road construction materials.

To take the pledge, please visit www.erasethewasteco.com/home/#pledge or contact Winn Cowman at winn.cowman@yvsc.org for more information.