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Hike and Bike to School starts FRIDAY September 11 and will continue every FRIDAY until weather shuts us down.

We are looking for 1 volunteer to patrol a crossing at Logan and Laurel St. Arrive at 7:45. It’s fun!  For more information contact Sally Cariveau.
Hikers/Bikers:  Volunteers will be out to patrol Butcher Knife trail and the significant cross walks along the routes to school designated in our Safe Routes to School map on Hike and Bike Fridays.

Bus Commuters:  Buses will be dropping hikers off at the High School to walk to Soda Creek via Butcher Knife Trail.  Turn in a note from home to the front office allowing you to get off the bus prior to Hike and Bike day.

Car Commuters:  Parents can drop hikers or bikers off at any safe location along the routes designated in the Safe Routes to School map.  Stehley Park is a good place to drop off.


Take the Hike and Bike Challenge! 

-Hike and Bike to school as many days as possible throughout the school year ( not just

Hike and Bike days). Pick up stamp cards at the front office and hold onto them.

Pick up stamp cards at the front office and hold onto them. Have your card

stamped every time you commute by the front office. Once you reach 5 stamps turn in.

-Prizes will be awarded after commuting to school 5 times.

-The top 2 commuters for the school year from each grade will be awarded a T-shirt for their

efforts in the Spring.

-A grand prize drawing will be held in the Spring for those that participated in the Challenge

(One grand prize at each school).