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Tip 7 in our Recycling PSA series: Tapes, CDs, DVDs, and cases:

Most CD and DVD cases are recyclable IF they have a mobius symbol located on the spine of the case, sometimes hard to find.

The disks and tapes are not accepted in traditional recycling. Yes, you can recycle them, but not easily – separating out the exterior plastic from the interior materials (CDRs even sometimes contain gold) is a specialized process, too complicated for regular recycling centers. In addition, the materials aren’t valuable enough that someone will pay for them. But if you have them in quantity and want to recycle tapes and disks, you’ll have to ship them to a special recycling center.  Visit Green Disk or CD Recycling Center of America for options to either pre purchase a box or reuse a box to mail used tapes and disks and cases.

If recycling your CDs and CDRs, make sure to remove personal data. A simple cut, hole punch or 2-second microwave can eliminate the data.

Don’t forget the reuse-option though, thrift stores will take old movies if in good condition, so will Freecycle.  And oddly, there’s a new craze about knitting with tape:


knitting with VHS tape