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Tip #4 in our series:  Paper/plastic to go cups

Another item that confuses the masses are disposable paper cups with plastic lids. It goes without saying how much Recycling Champions cut down on the waste stream by bringing their own coffee cup and skipping the fast food lane all together.  But we’re human… so what do you do when you forget?

In the past there was controversy over the waxy interior lining but recent changes have allowed paperboard with wax lining to be recyclable (see Tip 10). In Steamboat, if you are in Gondola Square, Ski Time Square, or downtown Steamboat Springs, you can place all paper cups in the recycling bins. At home, if you have single stream recycling with Waste Management or Old West Sanitation, you can recycle them.

However Aces High is not single-stream yet, and if they are your provider, you cannot put cups in your paper recycle bin.

The lids usually have a recycling mobius as well, and are also recyclable. To learn more about the mobius click here, and more about “small plastics,” click here.

Resource:  Save a Cup, Save the Earth

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