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If you missed last night’s talk on the Colorado Water Plan but want to continue to plug into information on water – we have events all week you can attend:

  • Thursday, May 28 – Leadership Steamboat and Friends of the Yampa “Catch the Drift” launch for river Awareness – at the Chief, 6:00-9:15pm
  • Friday, May 29 – Gear swap  Backdoor Sports, 9am-5pm and Fish Creek Race – 5:30pm at the Mount Warner Water on Steamboat Boulevard in the Sanctuary.  Parking is on river left.  If anyone is swift water safety capable, we could use help with safety, bring a throw bag.
  • Saturday, May 30 – Friends of the Yampa’s River Festival
  • Wednesday, June 3 – Free screening of Return of the River @ Library Hall, 7pm –

Tuesday Talking Green Review:
Jay Gallagher and Jackie Brown hosted their traveling road show on the importance of the Colorado Water Plan and what it means for Northwest Colorado – view the Power Point here.
Water Handout:

People love Colorado: our population ballooned from 1 million in 1930, to over 5 million today, and is projected to grow even faster in the future. So how do we ensure that we are able to preserve what we know and love about our state alongside population growth? When it comes to our water, Colorado’s Water Plan has answers. This plan offers a strategic vision:  a productive economy that supports vibrant and sustainable cities, productive agriculture, a strong environment, and a robust recreation industry. How can we achieve this vision for Colorado water? This plan provides the strategies, policies, and actions by which Colorado can address its projected future needs in a manner consistent with this vision. This plan will be accomplished through collaboration with basin roundtables, local governments, water providers, and other stakeholders. It represents a set of collaboratively developed policies and actions that all Coloradans and their elected officials can support and to which they can adhere.  Read more here.

Jay Gallagher: General Manager of the Mount Werner Water & Sanitation District.  Prior to accepting the position as General Manager for the MWWD in November 2005, Gallagher held senior international management positions with developers of industrial imaging and GIS technologies. As the long-time Director of International Sales for a unit of Intergraph Corporation, he played a key role in establishing distribution channels in Europe and East Asia.  He serves as Chairman of the Routt County Planning Commission and as the Yampa-White River Basin representative on the Colorado Water Conservation Board. In his spare time he enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and reading American history.

Jackie Brown: Jackie is the District Manager of the Routt County Conservation District and Watershed coordinator for the Upper Yampa River Watershed Group.  She has a diverse background in the American west, natural and water resources. Jackie serves on the Yampa White Green Basin Roundtable as an At-Large voting member.






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