OCTOBER 10, 2015 BY 

The Yampa Valley Sustainability Council hosted its 6th annual Community Recycling Drop-Off Day Saturday, October 10th with partners from around the state including Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, Twin Enviro Services, Routt County Environmental Health, Electronic Recyclers International, Post Net, Ski Haus, Lightworks of Steamboat, NAPA Auto Parts, Safeway, Axis Steel, Copper Magnate, and New Horizons Ministries.
The event moved from Howelsen to Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp’s “Meadow’s Lot” this year, and the flow of the event moved much more smoothly and was a quicker process for the 409 cars that came through the event. Over 60 volunteers also help to make this event a success, including a large group from the Steamboat Springs High School National Honors Society.
Since 2010, recycling just the electronics at this event has prevented the greenhouse gases equal to taking 100 cars off the road for a year.
Total recycling collected this year and valued partners:

300 lbs clothing (new this year) (New Horizon Ministries)
93 shoes (Ski Haus)
260 corks (Ski Haus)
51 bike tubes (Ski Haus)
36 bike tires (Ski Haus)
173 CFL  lightbulbs (Lightworks of Steamboat)
30 BR30 lightbulbs (Lightworks of Steamboat)
93 florescent tube lightbulbs (Lightworks of Steamboat)
25 yards scrap metal (Axis Steel/Copper Magnate)
10 yards trash (Twin Enviro Services) 1,140 lbs ( .57 ton)
30-49 gallons oil (Twin Enviro Services)
10-15 gallons antifreeze (Twin Enviro Services)
34 bikes (Twin Enviro Services) 1,940 lbs /  ( .97 ton)
28 tires (Twin Enviro Services) 640 lbs ( .32 ton)
128 skis (Twin Enviro Services)
20 yards cardboard (Twin Enviro Services)
19500  lbs electronics (Electronic Recycling International)
37 car batteries (NAPA auto)
10 yards books (YVSC)
150 gallons plastic bags (Safeway/Bags to Bags)
30 yards yard waste/organics (Twin Enviro Services) 3,280 lbs (1.64 tons)
20 yards single stream recycling (Twin Enviro Services) 1,020 lbs ( .51 ton)
20 yards cardboard (Twin Enviro Services) 1,940 lbs ( .97 tons)
40 yards Milner Mall items (Twin Enviro Services)

5,671 lbs. of Household Hazardous Waste (Routt County Environmental Health)
Latex paint –                      2648 lbs.
Oil-based paint –              1164 lbs.
Flammable liquids –           342 lbs.
Toxic liquids –                      324 lbs.
Acids –                                    23 lbs.
Aerosols –                            256 lbs.
Mercury –                               12 lbs.
Non-toxic waste –              902 lbs.