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From the City of Steamboat Springs

Proterra, Inc. of Greenville, South Carolina will bring one of their Battery/Electric buses to Steamboat Springs on Thursday, October 2nd bus will be available to view at the Stockbridge Multimodal Center beginning at 9 am and will depart at 10 am to be tested on the SST bus routes.

Proterra was originally founded in Golden, Colorado in 2004 to develop an all-electric, battery powered transit bus. This bus features a composite body with the ability to do a fast charge of the batteries allowing for about 3 hours of operation on a 10 minute charge.

Earlier this year, Steamboat Springs Transit did a study to look at alternative fuels for transit buses. Four alternatives were selected. They included Diesel, Diesel/Electric, CNG and Battery/Electric. All other modes have been tested and this will complete the field test comparison of all options.

Steamboat Springs Transit currently operates 16 diesel powered buses and 6 diesel/electric

For more information please contact Jonathan Flint, Transit Manager 970-879-3717.