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Tom Ross’ article, the Pilot’s editorial, letters to the editor, and the many calls and emails we’ve received all demonstrate that people in Steamboat feel passionately about recycling! And many people have opinions and theories about the best approach to recycling that is sustainable financially and environmentally. However, no one has all of the data and market information necessary to make an informed decision about the future of recycling in Routt County. That is why the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council, with funding from Routt County and SSRC, is currently preparing a scope of work for an independent consultant to help us gather and analyze these data. With the consultants help, YVSC will quantify the demand for recycling in Routt County, identify the markets for recyclable materials both locally and across the state, and recommend long-term recycling options to the City and County. We ask the Pilot and the passionate recyclers of Routt County, to be patient, while we gather this information, and to be open-minded when we present the recommendations. We all want to do what is right for our environment in a way that is financially sustainable for the trash and recycling haulers and our community.

Until we have more information, Yampa Valley Recycles, Routt County and Waste Management will still continue to provide the Green Machines on weekends at the Safeway parking lot. We ask that you please be respectful of this service:

  • Recyclables should not be left outside the units if they are full.
  • What is left beside the Green Machines is considered littering and is not only an eyesore and an embarrassment, but the litter poses a potential risk to our environment including Fish Creek, which runs directly behind the units located in the Safeway parking lot.
  • Please do your part to Keep Our Valley Green and Clean and do not leave your items if the containers are full.

Also remember that these units are for residential use only and are intended to supply a service for those who do not have access to curbside recycling (such as North and South Routt County residents or those in multi-unit housing). If you currently have curbside trash removal but no recycling, please contact your waste hauler. All single-family residents in the City of Steamboat Springs should have recycling provided as part of their trash removal service at no additional charge. And if you live in an apartment or condominium that does not offer recycling, please contact your HOA and let them know you would like to see it added to their trash service.

If you have questions, reach out to our Yampa Valley Recycles Administrator Emilie Rogers at 871-9299 X3 or recycle@yvsc.org.


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