APRIL 8, 2019 BY 

Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA) is proud to unveil “Energy Hero,” a new program designed to help members manage their energy costs by fighting energy waste through tips and information on improving energy efficiency in their homes and businesses. Information about how you can become an Energy Hero can be found online at:  www.yvea.com/energy-hero

At the Energy Hero website, you can discover ways to Fight Energy Waste. From an energy calculator to calculate your costs on certain energy users like refrigerators and space heaters, to the Home Efficiency Analysis Tool (H.E.A.T), to exploring detailed projects for upgrading your home. Energy Hero also has a DIY resource library, videos and a library of relevant articles on energy efficiency. Residential customers can also request a home energy evaluation appointment with a YVEA energy advisor by calling 970-879-1160.

YVEA’s goal is to help members become aware of their energy usage and that by even making small adjustments they can save money while reducing energy waste.

To learn more about Energy Hero and other programs and services offered by YVEA, visit www.yvea.com.