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Adapted from Energy Outreach Colorado’s Blog

When it comes to helping limited-income families and seniors afford home energy, Colorado CAREs.

CARE – Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy program launched by Energy Outreach Colorado in partnership with energy utilities and local nonprofits and weatherization agencies across the state – is making a positive impact by lowering the energy costs of limited-income residents as well as reducing their need for energy bill payment assistance.

For example, Yampa Valley in northwest Colorado is challenged by extreme weather and has greatly benefited from CARE services, according to Sarah Jones, executive director of Yampa Valley Sustainability Council.

“In our rural resort community that has one of the top four highest cost of living rates for counties in the state, we see a strong need for this program,” she said. “The CARE qualification of 80 percent of AMI (average median income) represents 20 percent of the population in Routt County and more than 30 percent of Moffat County.”

During the past year, CARE and YVSC provided free home weatherization services to six limited-income families with funding from Energy Outreach Colorado, Yampa Valley Electric Association and Atmos Energy efficiency rebates. These families included residents living in trailers and older homes, with incomes limited by retirement, health issues and loss of a spouse.

“My heat bill is going to be lower than what it was,” stated one of the people helped by CARE. “My furnace doesn’t kick on near as much. Thank you very much for everything.”