APRIL 11, 2015 BY 

Zero Waste Game on!

To celebrate Earth Day and reduce any lingering leftovers in the trash can, we are challenging students (and parents) at SCE, Strawberry Park Elementary, the Middle School, North Routt Community Charter, and Emerald Mountain to a week of Waste-Free lunches April 13 – 17. The school with the least trash per student over the course of the week will win the new Zero Waste Throne (created by the SCE student Green Team out of recycled materials).

How to win: At the end of the lunch period, the primary items in the trashcan are Ziploc bags and disposable tableware. Packing your lunch with reusable containers is an easy way to reduce our lunchroom waste and means one less plastic bag in the trash. Reusable wraps and/or lunch containers are available locally at The Homesteader, In Celebration of Kids, Ace and grocery stores.

Please click here for more tips and resources to reduce lunchroom waste. Thanks for helping to bring our school closer to Zero Waste!

EPA Waste Free Lunch poster