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Since the City of Steamboat Springs brought chicken farming back to city residents in 2009, building coops has been at the top of the “local food” discussion and buying local eggs is a common enterprise. Whether residents get them from their own back yard, their neighbor’s yard, or the Community Ag Alliance’s Online Marketplace, everyone knows fresh eggs are simply better.

To encourage our neighbors to be sustainable, this year we’ve chosen the Tour de Coop as the topic of our 5th annual Green Gardens Tour.  We’ve toured our four homes and we’re ready to show them off to you next Tuesday!  Below is our map of the homes.

Starting at 5pm at Soda Creek Elementary School, we’ll walk/ bike over to Logan Street and then up North Park Road to see  three homes both in and out of city limits with chickens, innovative chicken coops, and their vegetable and berry gardens.  After these, we’ll head back past Soda Creek to Pahwintah Street for one more home with chickens and a duck.  With us with be a representative from both the City of Steamboat Springs as well as the CSU Extension Office to talk about requirements, regulations, care, and safety of chickens and coops.


Following the tour we’ll gather back up at the school for a picnic with snacks, complete with a deviled egg contest!  Entries are still available for the contest, contact us if you’d like to submit a recipe for that – 970-871-9299, info@yvsc.org.

We’re only selling 40 tickets to this year’s tour –  get your tickets now!

Total walking distance will be just 1 mile, but if you are unable to walk or bike with us, please let us know and we’ll shuttle you through the garden tour.

Registrants will be notified directly with details about the evening.

Photos of this year’s gardens, as well as links to prior years’ tours, are posted on our Garden Tour page.