DECEMBER 19, 2017 BY 

Article adopted from Impact Energy: Environmental Consulting

  • Christmas Lights! Before you untangle those traditional bulbs, consider LED lighting or Rope Lights. Not only do LED lights longer lasting, but they use less energy. You could reap up to 70-90% energy savings. Plus, they look great on trees and outdoor displays.
  • Time your lighting. Whatever lights you use, leaving them on all day or after you go to sleep runs up your electric bill. If you have a hard time remembering to shut off or turn on your lights, invest in a timer that will do it for you. You can choose the time your lights come on and how long you want them to stay on.
  • Thinking about getting a new Christmas tree? Save energy with a fiber optic tree. These trees use a single bulb to transmit electricity along tiny fibers throughout the branches.The fibers light up the entire tree, often in alternating colors, and stay cool to the touch.With only one 5-20 watt bulb consuming energy on your tree, you are saving money and eliminating the task of hanging and removing lights.
  • Candles have been used in holiday decorating schemes for generations, and they’re alsoan efficient lighting alternative.
  • Consider Energy-Free Gifts and Decorations: About 40% of all batteries purchased during the holiday season are for decorations and gifts. This year, consider energy-free options for both, or add recharging stations to curb unnecessary waste.