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David Truly considers his beekeeping a hobby, but between keeping 6-12 hives, harvesting 20-60 gallons of honey per hive and selling it on the Local Food Marketplace, and starting the Beekkeeping club for like minded keepers, one could tell from his comprehensive, education talk this past Tuesday night at Talking Green, bees are his life.

The presentation was as thorough as can be, David walked us through the six-week life of a bee, her queen, her drones, her job, her threats, and her successes. He also discussed the practices of keeping bees – all about the gear needed, the systems and constructions David and his wife use, as well as the dos and don’ts of basic bee keeping. Of the over 95 participants present – Talking Green’s largest event to date – nearly half were interested in starting their own hives this spring.  This is a promising future for local bee populations and sustainability on many levels.

We also had several special guests this evening, including Karen Vail and Mary O’Brien who talked about pollinator gardening, as well as Greg Brown, Routt County Weed Supervisor, who talked about pesticides and rules.

View David’s full presentation in the video below, or download his power point presentation here

Pre event article: http://www.steamboattoday.com/news/2016/feb/21/learn-about-keeping-bees-promoting-pollinators-feb/

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