FEBRUARY 1, 2018 BY 

Adapted from Steamboat Today

An average family wastes approximately $1,500 every year on spoiled or uneaten food. Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) is offering its Food Waste Challenge. YVSC is recruiting families that want to save money, reduce food waste and get tips for planning healthy meals. The challenge will involve tracking preventable food waste, which is food thrown away because it spoiled or wasn’t eaten at a meal. YVSC will provide a bucket for measuring waste each week, as well as educational resources, fridge signs, menu planning information, and support along the way. The challenge will last six weeks from February 26 – April 8. More information about the challenge and reducing food waste can be found at www.yvsc.org/foodwaste. Individuals or households interested in participating can email cameron@yvsc.org to sign up.