Report: Environmental Literacy in Schools: Success Stories across Colorado

Successful environmental education programs at schools throughout Colorado are getting students more engaged in learning, enhancing interest in science topics, improving scores in reading, math, writing, and social studies, and preparing students with skills and knowledge for 21st century careers.

Learn how nine ordinary public schools have implemented exceptional school-wide environmental education programs. Check out the profiles of ten additional ‘green’ schools which received honorable mention. Read snapshots of their best practices and lessons learned. The appendix includes a review of research on the benefits of environmental literacy programs.

The case studies research and report were created in collaboration from the University of Colorado at Denver Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development and the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.

Use this report as a guide to start your school’s sustainability literacy program.

View the report here:

Kudos to Executive Directors Sonja Macys of Yampatika and Sarah Jones of YVSC, mentioned and quoted in the report!