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Adapted from Colorado State Extension’s Energy Newsletter

With solar installations and solar financing options continuing to grow in the state, CSU Extension has developed an online calculator that provides costs and benefits for those considering taking the leap. The calculator goes beyond existing estimators by allowing for rooftop or ground mount arrays, loan interest rates, monthly lease payments, utility incentives, maintenance, and other realistic inputs to be analyzed. The calculator also provides numerous default values to allow for simpler use as desired. Results include costs, savings, payback, return-on-investment, a 20-year cash flow statement, and an optional comparison of purchasing versus leasing a system.

Whether you’re considering solar, are a solar installer looking for a trusted third party analysis for your customers, or are just curious, check out the spiffy new calculator here.

Interactive solar playback map of rural Colorado

In addition to the solar calculator, Extension has also produced an interactive online map of solar paybacks in Colorado’s rural electric association service territories. This tool allows individuals to see and compare estimates of solar costs, benefits, incentives, and payback periods for all 22 rural electric cooperative service territories in the state. Turn on different layers to easily visualize the financial state of solar across rural Colorado.

Check out the interactive version here!