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In 2014, Routt County Environmental Health played a huge part in eliminating piles of tires throughout the county in conjunction with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) on the Routt County Waste Tire Cleanup Projects. While Routt County was already working with one of these property owners to clean up their property through our usual enforcement process, the Waste Tire Program was a strong catalyst for Routt County to accomplish the greater goal of removing and recycling over 7,100 illegally placed waste tires at four sites. The project took about 6 months from submission of the grant request to final project report and I thought  the CDPHE did a wonderful job of assisting us along the way.  The total state grant was $28,796 and the local in-kind match from Routt County and the Town of Oak Creek was $9,542. (Routt County $4,550 and Oak Creek $4,992)

You can contact the RC Environmental Health department for more information: