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EV buyers wanting to take advantage of federal tax incentives should watch federal incentive tracker. Buyers take note – federal incentive expires on Chevy Bolt soon.

By Suzie Romig, YVSC Energy Outreach Director

Electric vehicle ownership numbers continue to grow in Routt County. State of Colorado records as of March 2019 showed Routt County has 31 all-electric and 15 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles registered, in addition to numerous other non plug-in fuel efficient hybrids.

Statewide, by March 2019 there were 8,000 all-electric vehicles and 13,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles registered in Colorado.

Most people charge overnight at home, but Colorado is now home to 786 public charging stations with approximately 2,120 charging ports, thus allowing 2,120 electric vehicles access to charge at public stations at the same time.

Buyers looking to purchase an electric vehicle before full federal tax incentives are used, should look up their anticipated models at the Federal EV Tax Credit Phase Out Tracker By Automaker 

For example, Tesla passed the 200,000 models sold threshold in 2018, and the federal incentives for General Motors EVs, including the Chevy Bolt all-electric, are in their last quarter and will expire Dec. 31, 2019.

State grants for charging stations currently priortizing workplace, multi-family complexes, tourist locations and scenic byways

Charge Ahead Colorado state grant funding currently is available to support the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging equipment throughout Colorado. Applications for the fall 2019 grant cycle are due Oct. 30, and grants are available to non-profit or for-profit corporations, state or federal agencies, public universities, public transit agencies, local governments, landlords of multi-family apartment buildings and homeowner associations.

According to the Colorado Energy Office, this October cycle of grant applications will prioritize applications for workplaces, multi-family complexes, tourist locations and scenic byways. For questions, contact Addison Phillips at the Colorado Energy Office at Addison.phillips@state.co.us or 303-866-2128.

For entities considering an EV charging station for the near future, Charge Ahead Colorado typically has three application rounds per year in October, January and May.