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Valued supporters:


Here in the Yampa Valley, so much of our cultural identity and local economy is tied to our environment. But if we don’t value this place, then we’ll lose it before we even know it’s gone.


Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) is focused on the triple bottom line-People, Prosperity, Planet. This comprehensive approach to sustainability is ensuring that the quality of life you and I enjoy now will continue long into the future, which is why I hope you’ll support YVSC with a tax-deductible year-end donation.



Through our Sustainable Schools program, YVSC is inspiring the next generation to protect our environment.


At Soda Creek Elementary, instead of Styrofoam and single-use tableware, students taking hot lunch are served food with sturdy reusable plates and utensils. At the end of the lunch period, kids get in line at a special station where tableware goes into hot, soapy water to be washed and reused, milk and juice containers go into the recycle bin, chip bags and bar wrappers go into theupcycle bin, and apple cores and sandwich crusts go into thecompost bin. Parent Bebe Welch helps at the lunchroom waste station every Monday:


“When the kids bring their trays and lunchboxes up, I can see they are making the connection between what they ‘consume’ and the waste stream, and they’re learning to make better decisions for the future. At the end of lunch, there’s only ¼ bag of trash with 575 students, which is awesome!”


With your help we can expand lunchroom waste reduction programs to more schools in Routt County.  Please make a gift to help purchase reusable tableware, pay for compostcollection, and support YVSC’s waste reduction education in local schools.



Preservation of our natural environment is critical to our economic sustainability. As the global environment becomes more polluted, tourism destinations like Steamboat that manage to protect their environmental integrity will prosper.


YVSC’s Energy work is reducing the greenhouse gases that drive climate change and has the potential to be a significant economic driver. For every $1 dollar spent on energy efficiency and clean energy investments in local buildings, homes and transportation, $2 comes back to the local economy.


Our rural resort community is one of the few in Colorado that hasn’t adopted an Energy Plan. Will you help us create a blueprint for responsible energy stewardship by donating to YVSC now?



Climate change is not a problem in the distant future. It’s a problem affecting all of us-and our beloved Rocky Mountain forests-right now. Through ReTree Steamboat, YVSC is diversifying Yampa Valley forests, so they’ll be more resilient to hotter temperatures, continued drought and increased wildfires.


But ReTree is about more than healthy forests. It’s about people like you. In 2014, 285 YVSC volunteers of all ages planted 1,370 trees at recreation and community gathering sites around Routt County. Over the summer and fall, 86 youth have cared for and monitor the seedlings to ensure their survival. One middle school boy said this about his ReTree volunteer work:


“I will remember helping people and places, especially ReTree because I can watch the trees grow over the years.”

You can help other kids have this kind of service-learning experience and show your own commitment to our local forests by making a donation to YVSC.


It’s easy to feel discouraged by the reports about climate change. Join us to feel hopeful and fight for what we all love about the Yampa Valley-a real sense of community, tranquil forests, clean air and water, healthy local food, and the best snow in the state! YVSC has set of a goal of raising $20,000 by December 31 to support programs like Sustainable Schools, ReTree, Energy and more. Will you help us reach our goal by donating today?


Together, we can make the places we live, learn, work and play more sustainable.


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season,

Sarah Jones

Executive Director



P.S. A recurring monthly donation is easy, secure and helps sustain YVSC’s mission all year long. And, for YVSC, a small contribution makes a BIG difference-any monthly amount will help. Go to or call 970.871.9299 to join Friends of YVSC and start giving today.            


P.P.S. Colorado Gives Day is December 9, 2014. We are a proud member of Yampa State and local incentive funds boost the value of every dollar donated. And, when you donate by December 9th and we’ll plant a ReTree seedling in your name in June 2015. Learn more and pre-schedule your donation here.



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