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Did you know that the entry price for solar power in the Yampa Valley Electric Association territory starts at $601?

Nearly 80 percent of the capacity of the community solar garden in Craig has been reserved, so a limited number of YVEA members can still purchase panels.

Members of YVEA who want access to clean solar power have a unique opportunity to go solar with nothing on your roof. In partnership with Clean Energy Collective, YVEA offers members the opportunity to access Roofless Solar, a community-shared solar array located in Craig. When customers purchase panels from this off-site solar facility, YVEA rewards customers with savings directly on monthly electric bills.

With community solar, customers no longer have to worry about the direction a roof faces, shade from trees, maintenance on a home solar system, or whether you live in a rental condo or apartment.  Anyone with a YVEA electric bill can access Roofless Solar. The remaining panels are 235 watts, so customers can reach at least one kilowatt by buying five panels. The per-watt cost is $2.56.

The benefits to the community go far beyond customers’ monthly savings. Over the life of this solar array, the clean power produced will offset approximately 69 million pounds of CO2, or the equivalent of avoiding 78 million car miles.

YVEA’s community solar array has been saving members money each month since December 2014. To find out how much you can save, visit Clean Energy Collective’s free proposal tool at

For specific questions, contact Crawford Frazer, CEC marketing manager, 720-583-7204.