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A new record for Talking Green showed up for last night’s informative talk on GMO: Genetic Modified Organisms. Our expert panel enlightened the group on many different topics from labeling to agriculture, from voting with our dollars to writing our congressmen and media, from the disappearance of heirloom seeds to the opportunities in the future.  The shadows of doubt and ignorance still hang over the topic of GMO, even if you think you know all there is to know about GMO (impossible), this is a great, concise yet comprehensive video to watch. Check it out here:

Thank you to our speakers. Thank you to our sponsors: New Power Fund, Resort Group, and Homelink Magazine. Thank you to our attending partners and supporters. Thank you to those who displayed booths of their businesses: Twisted Oak Farm, Yampa Valley Farm, Yampa Valley CoOp, and Off the Beaten Path.
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Our mission for the evening: 

Our vision for this evening’s panel is to inform our attendees to the best of our speakers’ abilities about the hot topic Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), including but not limited to: the history behind GMO, health concerns from creating and consuming GMOs, the conflicts of labeling GMOs within the industry and around the world, how GMOs can negatively affect the ecosystem, how consumers can trust the labeling, and how our local natural-grocer buyers view GMOs.  We intend for this evening to be as comprehensive as possible within our short 90-minute format, but understand it can not all be covered in that time.  We hope it serves as a thorough introduction to the subject through the best experts within our region that were available to answer the variety of questions that our members will invariably have on the subject.

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About our Panelists: 
Tisha Casida of (Aspen)
Tisha Casida is a small business owner and advocate for food freedom.  She has worked for over seven years through her business, That’s Natural! in Colorado to create a database of farmers, producers, and consumers who can work together to enhance the local food economy while protecting their individual rights to consume foods and medicines of their choice.  She is a former Independent candidate for Colorado’s Congressional District Three, and a firm believer protecting farmers, ranchers, and ability of Coloradans to make important decisions for their family and environment at the State and local level of government.

Anne Halloran of Bamboo Market (Steamboat)
Anne attended San Diego State University and received her BS in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a minor in Business in 1982. She attended the University for Humanistic Studies in San Diego from 1983-1985, where she received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition.

In 1987 Anne moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado and worked as the Staff Nutritionist at the Rocky Mountain Wellness Spa from 1987-1992. In 1991 Anne and her business partner Julie Freed opened the Bamboo Market Health Food Store in downtown Steamboat Springs. In 2005 Anne had the opportunity to expand her business and purchase a commercial spot at the Waterside Village located at 11th and Yampa Street.  Anne is an active member of the  Natural Products Association, Independent Natural Foods Association and the Non GMO Project.

Alicia McCleod, BSc Dietetics, Nutritional Health Coach for Natural Grocers (Steamboat)
Alicia McLeod graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Administration. She went on to acquire a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University in California. Alicia has worked in various capacities in the healthcare field, from weight loss to senior nutrition. Most recently she was the nutritionist for an international company, overseeing supplement research and development, quality control, and most rewardingly, customer education. Alicia’s passion is to support people to take responsibility for their wellness, and to help them to move towards vibrant health – mind, body and spirit. When not in the Natural Grocers store, you can find her hiking the mountains – or skiing if there is snow!


Shawna Yaussi, B.A. in AgroEcology (Fraser)
Shawna Yaussi is an agricultural ecologist and anti-GMO activist that grew up in nearby Grand County, CO. Her research has focused on the disconnect between agricultural systems that employ transgenic crop plants and what her and many others believe to be our best and only chance at a sustainable food system, namely diversified farming systems using open-pollinated and heirloom crops.  Ms. Yaussi is, of course, also concerned with corporate control of our food supply, loss of genetic diversity, increased agricultural pollutants, and health of pollinator species, among other issues.


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