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If you are in the know on the hot topic of dirt, last night’s Talking Green was enlightening.biochar

YVSC hosted Jonah Levine of Biochar Solutions Inc, as he discussed the huge benefits of the brand new Biochar industry.  30+ participants joined the Steamboat Smokehouse-hosted event, learning about Biochar facts from carbon sequestration to cleaning up the environment to improving our garden’s dirt, many walking with bags of Biochar to use right away.  Adding just 5% biochar to existing dirt increases the water retention and dirt breathe-ability, stays in the land for hundreds of years, and thus strengthens plants growth and survival rates during drought. YVSC ED Sarah Jones has eyes on using biochar in next year’s tree plantings at the ReTree reforestation event.  Jonah’s got his charry hands in many pots: his company has been taking burned trees out of the Colorado Springs fire, he’s worked with Aspen area experts on cleaning up a water stream issue, and is always working with the the government and the EPA on new techniques and uses for Biochar.TwinEnviro Compost sifter

Also on hand was local dirt hero David Epstein discussing the also hugely successful Twin Gro, home-grown compost at Twin Enviro Solutions’ landfill in Milner.  David brought dirt samples to take home as well, and many walked with bags of precious soil to amend their pots with.  Leading with the video on Zero Waste by CNN last year, David also discussed the history of the Industrial Compost Facility at Twin Enviro, costs and logistics of the operation, and 2 year old residential compost program.

If you missed this talk, never fear: as always, they’re posted to our You Tube Page:
Jonah’s talk  –  David’s talk

More about Jonah
Jonah Levine holds a BS in Applied Ecology (Michigan Tech) and a MS in Telecommunications and Utility Engineering(CU-Boulder). Jonah has worked as a wildlife biologist, tracking threatened and endangered species, and then as a research engineer solving challenges related to wind energy development, energy storage, and biomass energy and carbon production. Jonah works with many private and public companies on technical, environmental, and economic issues. On the specific topic of biomass energy and carbon sequestration Biochar Jonah is a nationally recognized thought leader. Jonah leads biochar sales for Biochar Now a Loveland Colorado based Business and is a Co-Founder of Biochar Solutions Inc. a Carbondale Colorado based business.

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