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Letter to the District:

We are excited to begin the fourth annual “Two Weeks to Take Charge” Energy Challenge.  YVSC Sustainable Schools program has begun organizing presentations and a video to teach us how to reduce energy consumption in our schools.  This will not only help the district save money but help the environment too! And once we learn about energy conservation, each school will be putting that knowledge to the test, with our “2 Weeks to Take Charge” Challenge, from November 17th to November 30th.  Each school will be competing to see who can reduce their energy consumption the most.

About the Steamboat Springs School District Energy Challenge: During the month of November, the Steamboat Springs School District will be implementing a district-wide energy competition. In partnership with the CMC Sustainability Program, and Yampa Valley Sustainability Council, all students will learn the importance of energy conservation, and will be given specific action steps to help the district with not only saving the planet, but saving some serious cash, too!  View our Energy Challenge page here 

YVSC has presented at Soda Creek Elementary School and is scheduled to present at Strawberry Park next week.  We are preparing a video to be shown in the middle and high school and will send it to you by Tuesday of next week.  In the next week, we will also be dropping off poster “checklists” with ideas for reducing energy use in the schools.  Kevin and Jerry – I will connect with you individually to coordinate the video and any other presentations at the middle school and high school.

During the 3rd week in November, the students will be focused on action – “Two Weeks to Take Charge!” using the checklist that we provide.  The 4th week of November is Thanksgiving Break, so we need to make sure everything is shut down before the teachers and students take off.

The winner of the “Two Weeks to Take Charge!” will be announced in February.

Thank you for your participation and support in making our schools and community a better place to thrive!


2014-2015 Energy Challenge Video