APRIL 7, 2019 BY 

Earth Hour 2019 – on Saturday, March 30 – was all about raising awareness on why nature matters and inspiring worldwide action on protecting our environment and people.

Celebrated in more than 185 countries and territories, Earth Hour 2019 generated more than 2 billion impressions, with #EarthHour and #Connect2Earth trending in more than 25 countries on social media and news stories around the world—a testament to the power of the people in creating an unstoppable movement for nature.

There were many examples of inspiring stories this year. From Ecuador to Morocco to Indonesia, Earth Hour 2019 continued to empower people across continents to speak up and act on issues such as sustainable lifestyles, plastic-free oceans, deforestation and water conservation.

Peru encouraged its citizens to connect to nature. In Singapore, people were encouraged to make sustainable choices and support businesses that make the right decisions for the environment. Recognizing the important role young people will play in creating a more sustainable world, Earth Hour worked with schools in Bhutan to promote greener lifestyles.

Learn more at www.EarthHour.org