MARCH 23, 2015 BY 

In a Letter to the Editor of  Steamboat Today, seven local Green Teams wrote: 

Steamboat Springs is well known for its celebratory light displays. Our Fourth of July fireworks event, as well as the Winter Carnival Night Show, light up the evening sky.

This year, student organizations throughout Steamboat are hoping that our city can also be recognized for an upcoming lights-off display. We are encouraging the businesses, restaurants and residents of Steamboat to actively participate in the 2015 International Earth Hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. For one hour, the city of Sydney turned off its lights as a symbolic act to raise awareness about global warming and climate change. This event sparked a worldwide movement.

Last year, more than 162 countries participated in Earth Hour events. Some of the world’s most famous landmarks, from Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower, were “turned off” in support of Earth Hour.

Your participation in Earth Hour can take many different forms. You could simply turn the lights off in your home from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. You could take a walk, snowshoe or ski under the stars. Or take the hour to talk with friends and family about ways to reduce your energy use after Earth Hour is over.

The Green Teams at area schools are hoping businesses and restaurants will take advantage of this event as well. Restaurants could serve dinner by candlelight. Clubs could play acoustic music. Stores could set the mood for a special evening of candlelight shopping.

Even though we are not yet adults, we know that turning the lights off for one hour on one day during the year is not enough to change the effects of global warming and climate change. However, we also know that all it takes is one positive experience to start thinking differently and maybe, ultimately, to change a bad habit into a good one.

If each resident of Steamboat paid closer attention to his or her energy consumption and energy waste, our little community could make a big difference. We hope you join us on Saturday and turn on your minds by turning off your electricity.


Steamboat Springs Teen Council, Emerald Mountain School Green Team, Soda Creek Elementary School Green Team, Strawberry Park Elementary School Green Team, Steamboat Springs Middle School Green Team, Steamboat Spring High School’s National Honor Society, Colorado Mountain College Students for Sustainability