Our friends at Rocky Mountain Institute have a terrific resource available free online “The Carbon-Free City Handbook

The Carbon-Free City Handbook reveals 22 actions—and associated resources—for cities globally to move toward climate-neutrality and see results within a year.

The Handbook is a resource for city leaders around the world to take real and meaningful action toward their commitments with ready-to-implement, no regrets solutions that have proven success.

Why It Matters

Cities are at the forefront of climate change risk and opportunity. Nearly 600 cities are making climate commitments, but they will only get us so far and must be substantiated with on-the-ground solutions that enable cities to make rapid progress toward near-term decarbonization, and put them on a path to full climate-neutrality.

Who’s Involved

The Handbook, developed with support from Rockefeller Brothers Fund, is an actionable resource for city mayors, chief sustainability officers, and other leaders who are in the drivers seat in making key decisions that shape their community’s future.