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Last week YVSC hosted it’s annual Garden Tour with a twist – touring four homes near Soda Creek Elementary that all have chicken coops. Since the regulation for chickens in the city limits changed 5 years ago, more and more residents are trying chickens – both successfully and with challenges. Building a large, predator-safe enclosure is key, and this tour was a highlight of strongholds in that regard. All four owners have dealt with predators and have adapted the designs of their coops accordingly. Hearing these stories was a highlight of the tour.

The tour was followed by a talk over snacks with Todd Hagenbuch of CSU’s Ag Extension Office, who has just started his own chicken coop this year, and Barb Wheeler, who drafted the original regulation for chickens and goats in 2010.

Liz Forster from the Steamboat Pilot and Today joined us for the tour, and gives her account here:

Photos from the tour: