OCTOBER 4, 2014 BY 

A record number of vehicles passed through the 5th annual Community Recycling Drop Off Day today between 9am and 12pm, with 494 homes bringing all types of recycling items to the event – over half of who had never attended the event before.

YVSC partnered on this great community event with Routt County Environmental Health, ERI (Electronic Recyclers Inc) of Denver, Twin Enviro/Home Resource, City of Steamboat Springs, Ski Haus, Lightworks of Steamboat, Napa Auto, Postnet, and Safeway.

50+ volunteers and staff helped to direct traffic and sort recycling with 26 students from the National Honors Society team.

The annual event is free to the public, but there are fees for various items from hazardous waste to electronics, and donations are accepted to help support the event. This year YVSC collected almost $1000 in donations.

Items brought today include:  

  • Traditional recycling: 30 cubic yards (cy) each of cardboard, plastics/aluminum, and yard waste, as well as 6 cy of glass and 55 gallons of holiday lights.
  • Electronics Recyclers collected: ~25,875 pounds of electronic waste
  • Twin Enviro/Home resource collected: 40 cy of various items including 50+ car tires, 17 propane tanks, 25 bikes, 125 pairs of skis, as well as 662 gallons/3,972 pounds of latex paint.
  • Routt County Environmental Health collected the following Household Hazardous Waste (HHW):  1,408 lbs. of Flammable Liquids, 209 lbs. of Aerosols, 292 lbs. of Toxic, Pesticides, and Ag chemicals, 417 lbs of Non-RCRA Material (cleaning products, etc.),  2554.4 lbs. of Oil Base Paints,  3,972 pounds of Latex paints, and 209 gallons/1,504 lbs. of Motor oil (These items were processed by both Waste Management and Twin Enviro)
  • Ski Haus collected: 120 tubes and tires, 800 corks, and 100 pairs of shoes
  • Lightworks of Steamboat collected: 155 tubes and 186 compact florescent bulbs
  • YVSC collected 50 gallons of packing peanuts, 150 gallons of plastic bags, 12 gallons of cell phones, 30 gallons of ink, 110 batteries, 40 car batteries, and 6 cy of books