At our monthly community meeting on 12/5/2012, Sarah Jones, Executive Director of YVSC announced the four 2012 Sustainability Awards to a full crowd and honored guests.

This years awards were given to:

Lifetime Achievement – Liz Wahl, Director Food and Beverage Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, for establishing and continuing to maintain her long term dedication and commitment to the Zero Waste Initiative in Steamboat.

Sustainable Business – PureBuilt Inc and Brad Bartels, for establishing a business model based on principles of moderation, honesty, efficiency, durability, and transparency, always striving to embetter the Green Building movement in the valley and his tireless support of YVSC since its inception in 2008. PureBuilt raises the standards of sustainable building in our region.

Sustainable Educator – Jeff Troeger, for being the driving force behind creating a four-year Bachelors Degree in Sustainability at the Steamboat Campus of Colorado Mountain  College and for fostering our youth on the college level in all things sustainability

Sustainable Government Official – Mike Zopf, Manager Routt County Environmental Health, for his long term commitment to the health of the environment and those living in it, for his dedication to the quality of air and water in the Yampa Valley, and for his long time support of the Yampa Valley Recycles program and YVSC.
We thank this group of inspiring individuals for their dedication to sustainability, progress, and focus on our future, for their tireless work with YVSC and our partners over the last five years, and for their tireless work throughout their lifetime in protecting the environment and creating a standard for mindfulness of it.  It is because of heroes like this that our future continues to look hopeful, our waterways stay clean, our buildings are energy efficient, and our waste stream is drastically reduced!

Brad Bartels, Mike Zopf, Liz Wahl, Jeff Troeger