Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Businesses

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Save money and save energy.

YVSC has partnered with a number of organizations to bring opportunities to local businesses who are looking to save money and reduce their energy bills. The below opportunities help bring funding to eligible businesses to help reduce the cost of energy efficient retrofits. Contact our Energy and Transportation Director, Paul Bony, with any questions.

Mainstreet Steamboat Grant:


The Mainstreet Open for Business Façade and Energy Grant Program, enabled by SB 21-252, is awarding $1 Million to eligible entities to provide incentive programs for local business owners to improve the energy efficiency and/or aesthetics of commercial buildings within traditional downtowns. This COVID relief program is designed to increase property value and visual appeal, increase sales and revenues in rehabilitated buildings, reduce energy consumption and utility bills, and increase job retention/creation within the commercial business sector of downtown Steamboat Springs. The requirements for this grant include a 20% match of the total implementation cost; proof of improved energy efficiency; and implementation based on energy efficiency improvements or benefiting the downtown facade. The application needs to be submitted by August 23rd, 2021 with later submissions becoming available every two weeks following. For more information on the details and specifics of the grant, you can find the complete Main Street open for business grant application guidelines here.

Local Rebate Programs

An energy rebate program provides a cash rebate for customers planning on installing new, energy-efficient information technology or cooling systems. These opportunities are attempting to offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements and to push companies to become more energy efficient with the goal of being more sustainable. Our partners over at Energy Smart Colorado offer several rebate opportunities which involve ATMOS Energy, Xcel Energy, Yampa Valley Electric Association, and YVSC. These entities are offering rebates related to heating and cooling, hot water, renewables, electricity, appliances, as well as other opportunities. For more information regarding rebate opportunities please visit Energy Smart Colorado, YVEA, or view their excel spreadsheet with the available State of Colorado’s rebate programs here.

Solar Opportunity with Solar United Neighbors

Solar United Neighbors is a vendor-neutral, nonprofit organization that facilitates solar co-ops (bulk purchase) of distributed solar systems. Solar co-ops are free to join and there isn’t an obligation to go solar. Co-ops take advantage of the group’s bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation. Members form a selection committee choose an installer on behalf of the entire group through an open and competitive bidding process. The selected installer provides everyone in the group with a personalized proposal for their consideration. For more information on Solar United Neighbors visit their website here.

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