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Providing zero waste services for special events.

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Zero waste event services

YVSC’s Advancing Zero Waste program provides services to support special event planners and coordinators on a contract basis. Each event is unique and requires planning and coordination with event staff and vendors to ensure success. We provide a range of services to suit your needs, from DIY resources and a la carte options to fully staffed zero waste stations to ensure your event is sustainable.

In 2021 YVSC provided services for over 27 zero waste events, diverting 2,308 pounds from the landfill through recycling and composting, with an average diversion rate of 70%. We also avoided the generation of approximately 10,000 single use water bottles and 30,000 cups through use of our Water Monsters.

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Join the Zero Waste Crew

Positions are paid by event. Please apply below to be added to YVSC’s list of dedicated individuals interested in working zero waste events! We have many events lined up throughout the year and we need YOUR help! YVSC will contact you with more information, including a calendar sign up available, to allow participants to schedule events they would like to work. YVSC will provide ongoing zero waste event training for participants – so don’t worry if you’ve never participated in zero waste before. We look forward to working with you, and please reach out if you have any questions at

If you are part of an organization that is interested in working a zero waste event to raise money, please be sure to complete the last question in addition to the survey.

*Option to volunteer or receive community service hours

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How to Make your Event Zero Waste

The key to zero waste events is careful planning so event materials are reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Just as each location in the US and world have unique event permitting processes, each location has unique recycling, composting and reuse systems. Making an event zero waste involves planning, and operations must be adapted to local recycling, composting and reuse conditions to ensure that resource use and wastes are minimized.

YVSC’s Advancing Zero Waste Program is your one-stop resource for event planning in Routt County. Whether you want DIY zero waste tips, a la carte resources, or fully planned and staffed waste stations, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help. Check out our Zero Waste Menu of Services here.

Did you know there’s funding available to you for zero waste services at events?

The City of Steamboat financial incentives to help pay for our services.

What is a Zero Waste Event?

A zero waste event takes steps to minimize waste and resource consumption.

Each year, the City of Steamboat Springs and Routt County hosts thousands of tourists who come to the Yampa Valley to enjoy our unique cultural and natural heritage. To ensure that our community maintains its rich natural environment, we need to do our part to lessen our impacts.

The first step towards zero waste is pre-event planning.

Zero waste events should:

  1. Reduce the amount of waste created.
  2. Reuse items as much as possible to avoid producing new materials. This conserves energy, and natural resources and keeps materials out of the landfill.
    And then…
  3. Recycle materials – including organics by composting – once you have done all you can to reduce and reuse.

Typically, less than 10% of materials are landfilled at a successful zero waste event.

Benefits of Zero Waste Events

  • Making your event zero waste is good for business and the environment.
  • Zero waste events showcase your commitment to sustainability. Leading up to, during and after, you can proudly communicate that one of the many successes of your event is environmental stewardship.
  • More and more, participants are concerned about the environmental impacts of the events they attend. Choosing to make your event zero waste distinguishes you from the rest and enhances your event culture.
  • Importantly, the Yampa Valley community and the environment thank you. The City of Steamboat Springs, Towns of Hayden, Oak Creek and Yampa and Routt County are moving forward on implementing the 2021 Routt County Climate Action Plan (CAP). Waste reduction, recycling, and composting, are key initiatives in the CAP. Making your event zero waste aligns with our CAP.
  • You can save money by making your event zero waste! The City of Steamboat Springs has financial incentives for sustainability at events.

Click here to learn more on the City’s sustainable event incentives.