Madison Muxworthy, YVSC’s former Waste Diversion Director, is transitioning to a new position at YVSC as the Soil Moisture, Water, & Snow Program Manager. As we know, Madison has been a great Waste Diversion Director since 2019, a position she took upon graduating from Colorado Mountain College’s Sustainability Studies Program.

In 2020, Madison participated in the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes’ (CW3E) Summer Research Internship program as a Research Intern and conducted independent research on streamflow variability in the Upper Yampa River Basin. This research experience fueled Madison’s interests in understanding water variability and change in the west, leading her to transition her role at YVSC to become its new and first-ever Soil Moisture, Water and Snow Program Manager in 2021. Madison serves as a member of the Yampa Basin Rendezvous Steering Committee and looks forward to working with partners and community members to build linkages between science, decision-making and community action to promote water conservation and resilience.

The Soil Moisture, Water and Snow Program sits at the interface of science and community action, and strives to connect relevant research and data with increased public understanding of how water in the west is changing due to climate change and what we can do about it. The goal of the program is to link education with action so that YVSC can support the community in scaling up water conservation actions across key sectors and adaptive capacity and resilience to a warmer and drier future. The program also seeks to increase local access to and understanding of relevant science and data to improve water management decision-making and conservation outcomes across stakeholders. Madison’s position is integral to the success of the Program, providing YVSC with the kinds of technical, managerial, and collaborative leadership that are essential to defining, launching, implementing and reporting on the Program as it builds.