JUNE 25, 2018 BY 

Event season is here, but, when you bring hundreds, if not thousands, of people together, events can generate a tremendous amount of waste.

With the end of commercial food waste composting locally, true Zero Waste events are not possible in our community. However, YVSC is still helping many community events to look upstream to reduce event waste before it happens and helping event attendees recycle as much as they can. Even though there isn’t an option for recycling food waste at events, YVSC is focused on making sure that overflowing trash cans and misplaced recyclables aren’t the image we present to our community’s many visitors and to our children.

Waste reduction and recycling don’t happen by magic. We can all help minimize the environmental footprint of events that we attend. Here are simple things that YOU can do to make Steamboat events more sustainable:

  1. Say no to Styrofoam: Choose to buy food from a vendor that uses more environmentally-responsible service ware. Styrofoam is not only bad for the environment, but it is also likely a human carcinogen.
  2. Be straw-free: Purchase a metal reusable straw for on-the-go.
  3. BYOB (bottle, that is): Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid single-use plastic bottles.
  4. Spork it: Bring your own cutlery, cloth napkin and/or to-go container. Encourage coordinators of events you attend to use environmentally-friendly tableware.
  5. Find the bin: Properly dispose of items in recycle and trash bins. If you don’t see a bin right away, ask someone. If you spot an aluminum can or plastic bottle that didn’t make it into a recycling bin, be a waste warrior and put it where it belongs! Paper with food on it must go in the trash.
  6. Leave no trace: Pack out your waste, especially if you can’t find a recycling bin. Although some food waste is biodegradable, please don’t leave it on the ground. It’s still litter and is harmful for native animals to eat. Also, be sure to dispose of cigarettes in safe, appropriate areas. It’s been a dry year, and the fire danger is rising.
  7. Use alternative transportation: Ride your bike, walk or take the free bus to events. You’ll be glad you did when everyone else is waiting to get out of the parking lot.

It takes all of us to keep our Valley green and clean! Please do your part. If you need help reducing waste at your party or event, please contact Cameron at cameron@yvsc.org.