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Tip 8 in our TV18 PSA series: Batteries~ not all are created equal…


Batteries are yet another confusing recycling conundrum… but essentially there are two types of batteries: rechargeable and single use. The single-use alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C’s, D’s and 9 volt no longer contain mercury or cadmium and are safe for household trash.  The multi-use rechargeable batteries, which look very much like single use batteries, are made of components (lithium ion, nickel-cadmium, or lead acid) that are hazardous to our environment.    These batteries need to be recycled properly. There are several drop-off locations for the various types in town.     Button cell, rechargeable, and lithium batteries can be dropped off at Mogil’s on the Mountain. Car or lead acid batteries are accepted at Napa Auto Parts.

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