AUGUST 30, 2019 BY 

Members (aka customers) of Yampa Valley Electric Association member-owned cooperative can now comment at the YVEA board meetings at a new, solidly set time at noon on board meeting days, according to Tom Fox, president of the board of directors.
        Following input from members at the annual YVEA member meeting this summer, the board established the set time of noon on board meeting days to hear member comments. The board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, except when altered for holidays. Comments up to 5 minutes will be welcomed at noon, for example, on upcoming meeting days Sept. 24, Oct. 22 and Nov. 26, 2019.
        The board agenda notes that public comment “are welcome at two different times during the course of the Board meeting – 1) during the Public Comment section of the agenda (aka noon), and 2) on any scheduled agenda item, but only with the prior consent of the presiding Board officer or two-thirds consent of the Directors present at the meeting. Comments must be courteous and given only after the speaker has been recognized by the presiding Board officer. The Board will not take any action or make any decision at that meeting on matters spoken of during Public Comment.”
        The meetings take place in the community room on the first floor at the YVEA office in Steamboat Springs (2211 Elk River Road), and agendas are available at: under the My Co-op section, then click on Board of Directors, then Board Meeting Information.