MARCH 24, 2014 BY 

We may be biased, but this year’s Secret Supper Club is going to be a trend setter.  As with our Dec 2012 launch of YVSC’s signature fundraising event at Cafe Diva, we’re setting the bar extremely high with a Best in the Boat chef at a location that simply can’t be beat. We promise, you’ve never dined here, nor will you likely again.  Surprise-radar buzzing yet??


Join YVSC and our chef for a themed evening – “Take a Carbon Free Trip with Us!” – and enjoy a first class, yet Zero Waste, evening of four tasty courses of local foods featuring Sweetwood Cattle, Yampa Valley Farms, and Elkstone Farm, as well as a selection of wine and beer.  There will also be a small but fun, low-impact silent auction for guests to play with.

Tickets are $125 and diners get teasers about the event the entire week prior, and find out where they’re going the morning of.   Don’t miss this unique event!!

Sign up now with Georgie – 970-846-1606 or