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It’s that time of year again when we need YOU!

It’s fun. It’s chatty. It diverts our excessive American waste. AND it comes with a free t-shirt (not that you’d do it just for that!).

What is it?!?

It’s Zero Hero Season!

Here are the top five reasons you want to join the Legion of Heroes for 2013:
1. We’re the “cool tent” at all the cool events
2. We train you on-the-spot
3. You barely get your hands dirty
4. You learn all the facts you never knew about recycling and compost
5. You get a STAR for playing:

2013 ZW tshirts












ONE more big reason: You could win something really cool! All volunteers are entered into a drawing for the end of the season – prize yet to be determined! All you have to do is volunteer!

So reach out to lovely Carol (modeling our 2013 shirts) if you want to join the team. We’ll plug you and/or your kids in (great for community service hours, service learning hours, and just general good-manners/kind-deeds hours!) and we’ll promise you a good time!

Carol Lacey – zero@yvsc.org

This year our t-shirts were sponsored by Singletrack Bookkeeping – a big thanks to owner Kim Hornsby for supporting the Hero Troop this summer!!

Singletrack logo on ZW shirt