Low Carbon Transportation

Why it matters:

The state of Colorado has set ambitious EV and EVSE goals including the transition to 940,000 light-duty electric vehicles in Colorado by 2030 and the ultimate transition of Colorado’s transportation system to a long-term goal of 100% of light-duty vehicles being electric and 100% of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles being zero emissions. In 2018, emissions from transportation activities (i.e., on-road vehicles, aviation, and railways) in Routt County generated 26 percent of the community’s GHG emissions, making this an important sector for emissions reduction. Increased multi-modal transportation options, including ride-share programs, public transport and bike paths, are community priorities to increase low carbon transportation in the Yampa Valley.

What we’re doing:

YVSC is working on several fronts to help our communities transition to Low Carbon Transportation.

1. We are working with our community partners to Increase access to EV chargers and multimodal transportation in the Yampa Valley.

We are supporting the Climate Action Plan (CAP) Collaborative and others to complete an implementation plan for priority transportation actions that reduce carbon based transportation.

We are participating in and providing technical expertise to efforts that increase public and multi-modal transportation in the Yampa Valley.

Through workshops and other educational activities, we are convening diverse stakeholders to identify needs and barriers to increase the adoption of low carbon and multi-modal transportation and sharing this information with planners/decision makers.

We are engaged in relevant leadership/technical advisory activities that promote carbon free transportation.


2. We are working to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) (including electric bikes and more) and Electric Vehicle Structural Equipment (EVSE).

We have launched an EV Ambassadors program to leverage the expertise and enthusiasm of our local EV owners and to support local Ride, Drive & Show events.

We have expanded our website educational material and resources for EV ownership, maintenance and grant funding opportunities.

We are actively recruiting EV charging infrastructure at multi-family units/ condominiums with a goal of obtaining ten multi-family charging locations by 2025.

We are actively recruiting fleet owners to switch to EV(s) and provide infrastructure for public charging.

We are also recruiting large employers to provide EV infrastructure for employee/public charging.

3. We are working on reducing vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) in the region.

Every year, YVSC holds the CARbon-Free Challenge to encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation, like biking, walking, or even roller blading, in order to reduce emissions. Participants log their miles traveled using alternative forms of transportation as solo riders, families, or adult teams for the chance to win prizes provided by local businesses.

We are developing and communicating business ride-share/alternative transportation programs and successes via the Yampa Valley Green Business Program/Climate Action Collaborative Transportation program.

Going forward we hope to develop alternative transportation discounts and group purchase opportunities.

What you can do:
  1. Participate in our next CARbon-Free Challenge 
  2. Become a YVSC EV Ambassador
  3. Participate in one of the upcoming EV Ride-&-Drive Events
  4. Contact us to initiate the installation of an EV charger at your apartment, condominium complex, business or place of work: 

    Paul Bony
    Energy & Transportation Director
    970-871-9299 ext 113