Community Education and Engagement

Empowering our community to take part in creating the futures we need.

Community Education and Engagement are central to what we do at YVSC and why we do it.

Our approach to education is based in dialogue and strives to foster conversations between members of our community and relevant leaders, professionals and visionaries so that all can learn from one another. Dialogue means listening, asking questions, communicating our values, identifying gaps and co-creating relevant and timely pathways forward. Engaging our community in our initiatives means connecting our people and places through sustainability action. Bringing our valued community members and partners together to define and address sustainability challenges ensures that our goals and outcomes both capitalize on and serve our unique Yampa Valley communities and landscape.

Our Community Education and Engagement activities strive to connect to all members of the Yampa Valley: professionals, students, retirees, residents and visitors. Please join us, and learn more about our activities below.

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Community Education and Engagement



YVSC Monthly Community Meetings

YVSC Monthly Community Meetings are designed to convene community partners and community members so that we can connect, learn about sustainability challenges and opportunities, identify common goals and activities, and find ways to collaborate to create more impactful and farther-reaching programs and practices in our community. The structure of our Monthly Community Meetings include topic-focused meetings — which have a featured guest speaker followed by a prompt-led roundtable discussion — and quarterly Partner Update Community Meetings, where YVSC and community partner organizations/entities provide updates on their programs, events and volunteer opportunities.

Sustainability Speaker Series

The Sustainability Speaker Series, formerly known as the Talking Green Event Series is a partnership between YVSC, Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs, and Bud Werner Memorial Library. This ongoing series seeks to connect our community with timely insights, research and actions that inform and inspire how we build our sustainable Yampa Valley futures. The Series and discussion topics advance an integrated approach to social, economic, educational and environmental dimensions of sustainability challenges that lead toward collective solutions.

Program Workshops and Educational Outreach

Each YVSC program is anchored on educational outreach and uses an array of channels to effectively communicate with and engage community partners and members. YVSC has hosted an array of workshops and trainings across programs, ranging from Green Building workshops to Waste Diversion strategic planning sessions. YVSC also creates and maintains print and digital media to increase sustainability action, ranging from educational videos and signage on how to compost to the regularly updated Yampa Valley Recycles App (link to app).

Youth Involvement in Conservation Education and Reforestation

Sustainability is anchored in enabling the lives of future generations to thrive. Integrating youth into the conservation education and activities of today not only serves to protect their future, but also cultivates in them a lifelong affinity and connection to their environment. Youth-integrated conservation multi-generational learning and knowledge-sharing, facilitates experiential environmental education and empowerment, and builds community as we all take heart in seeing our children create a better future in the Yampa Valley.


Recognizing the value of providing professional development training opportunities for young sustainability professionals, YVSC continues to build its internship program for college students and young professionals. Internships are both paid and unpaid, and provide individuals with opportunities to increase their tacit understanding of how to create, monitor, report, analyze and communicate about sustainability action. Interns can support one priority area or several depending on qualifications, training and interests.

Volunteer opportunities

Sustainability and climate action takes all of us working together. Whether you are passionate about mitigating climate change, conservation and/or increasing recycling successes in your neighborhood, there are numerous ways for you to get involved and put your passion into the service of a better future in the Yampa Valley as a YVSC volunteer. Join us and help us build a more sustainable community.

  • USFS Reseeding project Fall 2020
  • YRFRP/ReTree
  • Waste Diversion Drop-Off
  • Community science

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