Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering resilience in the Yampa Valley.

The goal of our Climate Action and Adaptation Priority Area is to develop and implement actions in the Yampa Valley that put us on course to meet Colorado’s climate goals for emissions reductions and foster resilience moving forward.

These efforts align with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) recommendations to keep global average temperature increases under 1.5°C. Using a science-based approach to emissions reductions, YVSC employs both decarbonization and natural climate solutions (NCS) pathways to enact the changes we need at the time-scale that matters. Decarbonization means transitioning away from carbon-intensive energy, transportation and waste systems. NCS are land management practices (reforestation, restoration and conservation) for forests, grasslands and wetlands that increase carbon storage and reduce GHG emissions.

Investing in low-to-no-carbon systems and natural climate solutions not only helps us achieve our emissions reductions goals, but also equips the Yampa Valley with capacity to thrive as our social, economic and environmental conditions continue to change in the coming years.

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Trees planted since 2010

Through YVSC’s ReTree event

CO2 sequestered over 50 years with ReTree 2020 plantings
0 million pounds of CO2

As much as 350 cars emit in 1 year




Yampa Valley Climate Action Collaborative

The Yampa Valley Climate Action Collaborative convenes community partners and members as leaders in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fostering resilience in the Yampa Valley. Sector Working groups focus on reducing emissions and fostering resilience across five sectors: Energy, Transportation, Waste, Land Use and Community Education and Outreach. YVSC serves as the hub and engine of the Collaborative, providing partners with relevant education and training, strategies for monitoring and reporting, communication services and a forum to share ideas, learn and work together. All are welcome – want to join?

Yampa Valley Natural Climate Solutions

NCS are land management practices — conservation, restoration, and improved management — in our grasslands, forests and wetlands that increase carbon storage and resilience and reduce GHG emissions. NCS have the potential to deliver up to one-third of our needed global GHG emissions reductions by 2030, and up to one-fifth of our national GHG emissions, and increase resilience by increasing soil, river and forest health. For YVSC, creating NCS pathways that work means bringing the people and landscapes of this unique alpine, agricultural and riparian region together through climate action.

Wildfire Mitigation and Education

The frequency of high-intensity, long-duration wildfires is increasing in our warming and drying intermountain west, causing an array of impacts on air quality, water quality, hydrological regimes (increased drying) and public health. Where we live, how we act and what we know can either increase or mitigate the risk of high-intensity, long-duration wildfires. Through our partnership with the Routt County Wildfire Mitigation Council, YVSC connects Yampa Valley residents and tourists with information and action plans to promote fire-safe behaviors, mitigated landscapes and defensible space.

Soil Moisture, Water & Snow

The water landscape in the west is changing: it is drying as a result of increased temperatures caused by climate change. In Colorado we have long relied on our snowpack to supply 63% of the water in the Upper Yampa River basin, but as snowpack decreases, spring melt shifts earlier, dryer ground uptakes more water and evaporative loss increases, our relationship with water in the west also changes. In partnership with Colorado Mountain College (CMC) and the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E), YVSC is working to connect climate change science and soil moisture monitoring data with local water managers’ needs so that our decision-making and water use patterns align with a sustainable Yampa Valley future.

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